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Compounding was the only way to make medication before the 1950\'s; the pharmacist mixed the ingredients (herbs and chemicals) as the doctor ordered. When the pharmaceutical companies started mass producing medications pharmacists slowly forgot the art of compounding.

I have been a pharmacist in Canada since 1998. Compounding has been always my passion. I enjoy the challenge of making new formulations or figuring out a new way to make the appropriate medication for the patient. After all we are all different so are our needs. I also have a special interest in hormone-restoration.and advising clients to achieve healthy hormone-balance. In our pharmacy we focus on health in every way, healthy diet, supplements, vitamins, herbs and homeopathy. I feel it is all important ant for a healthy person.

Ildi Illes, Pharmacist (and Founder of Vitality Compounding Pharmacy)

That was the beginning of medication dispensing, whatever medication was made by companies was given to the patient. In recent years compounding became more and more important by the recognition of the shortcoming of pharmaceutical companies. Sometimes a medication is on backorder month after month, because of production issues, or there are not enough suitable formula for young children and babies.